Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Many of us grieve our employment decisions daily.

[The] County has adopted policy and procedures for grieving adverse
employment decisions.

Yes, there is a procedure. You can remember it with the helpful mnemonic DABDA1: First you're in Denial about the adverse employment decision. Then you get Angry about the adverse employment decision. You begin to Bargain with God/boss about the adverse employment decision. Eventually you become Depressed about the adverse employment discrimination, but eventually you will Accept the adverse employment decision. It's a long process, but you just have to work through it.

1 I can't say I ever expected to find myself linking to About.com for wisdom on death.


johny said...
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Louis said...

I'm a labor and employment lawyer, and to be fair to the author of the above passage, "grieve" used as a verb is a term of art in labor law, referring to a collective bargaining unit employee's filing/raising with the employer a grievance pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement. I assume the passage was taken from a brief that dealt with an employee covered by such a collective bargaining agreement. If not, that is certainly an odd choice of words.